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Welcome to my site about Abraham Lincoln's dealings with civil liberties, particularly the suspension of habeas corpus and the supression of the press.  My goal is to provide students and teachers with some insight as to the impact these issues had on Lincoln's presidency and legacy through an investigation of primary and secondary source material.  For example, the links provided on the Resources page can be used as an easily accessible gateway to further research on not just this subject, but the entire Civil War period.  I also placed the Prezi below to give some contextual information and serve as a simple introduction to the topics.  After viewing it, please click on the tabs 'Habeas Corpus' and 'The Press', which are devoted to a more specific study of each issue with some additional primary source activities designed for a high school classroom.  Finally, in case you do not understand a term or are curious about where all this information came from or how it was compiled, please click on the Glossary or Resources tabs.  Thanks for visiting!

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